Plus 32 

It’s a YES! We’re expanding. YAY! With this week’s approval from the Winneshiek County Board of Adjustments, it is our enthusiastic and absolute pleasure to add 32 more seasonal sites. 

We’ll be breaking bread, ah-um, ground, just south of the road to the landing. In fact, if you turn left at the T on your way out to the campground-we’ll be extending the road south into the cornfield (blue arrow), to build the new section on The Ridge (orange arrow). See ‘em, right there on the map? kinda?

Well, you will! Over the next several weeks you’ll be seeing us out there measuring, digging, filling, flattening, remeasuring, and mapping out the sites. Later you’ll see us burying sewer lines, installing water lines, connecting electric lines, pouring concrete, planting trees, and growing sod. 

Our target completion date is Memorial Day weekend, 2016.

We’ll be filling the new sites first with current seasonal campers who are looking to move to the Ridge. Then, we’ll be working from our Waiting List of campers who have an app on file… in the order they came in.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Harvest Farm Seasonal family, you can download an app and get it in to us (email, walk in, snail-mail). Presently, it looks like there are more campers on the list than there are sites to be added, but… actually you never know, and we do have 32 sites to fill, and circumstances change all the time, and if not this year, there’s always next. And, next year, we’ll have 85 seasonal sites.