Aiming to open April 19, 2019

Now that our long cold winter is coming to an end, yes, spring really has sprung—at least in terms of our Gregorian calendar, and in spite of the recent April snow storm that dumped another foot of snow and ice onto our very-determined-to-thaw lawns… we’re still looking toward the weekend of April 19 to open the campground.

Last weekend, working under merciful and good 68 & sunny skies, we got the water turned on, hot water heaters pumping, and lawn mowers prepped. This week, trapped by icy cold winds all day inside the store, we took inventory, stocked fresh goods, and organized the office. So, yeah, we’re ready to camp.

We are still waiting for the frost boils to thaw so we can drive on the roads safely. So, we’ll post regular updates if & when there’s something new to report.

Meanwhile, let’s start camping next weekend.