Autumn Activities at the Campground

We still have six good solid weeks of camping to do this season. Camping in Sept. & Oct. is beauteous beyond compare; we hope you get the opportunity. To help you get there, we've scheduled a few fun things to do at the campground. So join us for a few fall activities, and do a little camping while the camping's still good.

Saturday, September 22 - 4pm-7pm.

Our 18th Annual Italian Fest pot luck. Bring your favorite dish and join un in the Quonset Hut. Social hour starts at 4pm.

Saturday, October 6 -  Oct 6th - starts at 1pm.

Our once-in-a-while Soup 'n Such Corn Bag Tournament will be held at the Quonset Hut. The  adults (age 16+) bags tournament requires $5 entry fee per person. We'll draw for partners; winners get prizes. There'll be a separate section of bags for kids to play. Event starts at 1pm, followed by karaoke around 6pm.

Saturday, October 20 - starts around 5pm

Our 3rd annual Halloween party includes trick-or-treating, pot luck, and maybe a few more TBD surprises. Join us... if you dare. Boowhaaaaa ha ha ha!

Sunday, October 28 - campground closes.