Campground Opens
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Campground Opens

We’re aiming to open Friday April 19. The roads are still a little soft and mushy. To prove the point, Pat Ferrie came home last Saturday (April 6) and sunk his Crete truck cab (yeah, even without the trailer) about a foot into the driveway. We gotta wait for the frost boils to thaw before we can safely drive heavy trailers around the campground. But we’re working out and about, and the store is open, so we’re gonna start camping on Fri April 19.

Please talk to Dave, though, before moving your camper or driving your camper into the campground this season. You may have to wait a week before you do.

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Soup n' Such Corn Bag Tournament

Our once-in-a-while Soup 'n Such Corn Bag Tournament will be held at the Quonset Hut. The  adults (age 16+) bags tournament requires $5 entry fee per person. We'll draw for partners; winners get prizes. There'll be a separate section of bags for kids to play. Event starts at 1pm, followed by karaoke around 6pm.


Saturday Oct 6th @1:00PM

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