Seasonal Member Tees & Hoodies


As you can see, they're really awesome. We got a good response for the first order so we're putting in another one, Monday August 26. If you want a seasonal T-shirt and/or hoodie (and you're not already on the 2nd list), or you know someone who wants one (and they don't check their email), please let us know asap. We'd like to place the order sooner than later.

Also, if you ordered a T or hoodie and still haven’t picked it up your items, please do... asap. And that would be: Baltes, Bernard, Bigalk, Decker, Jans, Lipa, McKee, Miller, Stone.

Life really is better by the campfire.

Upcoming Events Aug, Sept, Oct.


Here are some of the events that are scheduled over the next few months so you can plan accordingly.

In order of when they are happening:

  • Sat, Aug 31 - Labor Day weekend camper garage sale (start gathering your stuff now)

  • Sat, Sept 14 - Corn bags Tournament/Soup 'n Such (never too early to get your throwing arm in practice, always great food items too)

  • Sat, Sept 28 - Italian Fest pot luck (don't miss it, it's our 19th annual!)

  • Sat, Oct 19 - Halloween party pot luck / trick-or-treating (esp awesome time for everyone)

Of course we'll post information about each activity prior to the event, such as time, location, and other relevant details.

See you there.

June Newsletter

Hi Seasonal Family,

We're off to a great start! We're camping in full swing and we're living the dream!! We just want to touch base on a few reminders::

1. The due date for paying the balance on your seasonal site was May 15. We forgot to remind you in our Welcome to Season 2019 letter and then again in a followup email, so some of you have forgotten to pay. Per your contract, "Any rental payments not received within 30 days [of the due date] shall accrue a late fee charge of 10%" which would have been June 15. BUT, we're extending the 30 day grace period to 45 days since we forgot (twice) to remind you (we know you're busy camping). Unless you have already made arrangements with me otherwise, please pay your site balance BY Sunday, June 30th.

2. The seasonal19 wifi connection is a secure, speedy network dedicated to our seasonal family members. Please don't share the password with others outside the fam... it slows it down for everyone else.

3. We managed to snag the limited edition Empty Nest wines that ran out at the wine tasting event last weekend: Simplicity & Dragonfly Dreams. They are still limited, so once they're gone, they're gone... until next year. They're in the store now.

4. Our staff have identified many campers that had their AC running full force while you were not here. Yes, of course we know who you are; we trimmed around your camper with a frowny face. Please be mindful, resourceful, and frugal when it comes to your AC. Turn if off when you leave for the week. Please and thank you.

5. Remember, you can use the same Seasonal Wifi password (Welovehfcr19) to log into your Seasonal page on our website, There, you will find a copy of all of our correspondence & reminders to you, upcoming events at the campground, and links to the Seasonal-only Facebook page.

Updates - May

Now that we got the snow over with, let's get back to the business at hand, namely... camping. Here's a few more things that you should be aware of:

1. Wood Pallets: We will be ordering pallets of wood soon. We want to get them before Memorial day weekend. The cost is $105/pallet, delivered to your site. As in previous seasons, it's a one-time offer, as all pallets arrive here on one big semi-sized load, which are then delivered lovingly right to your site. Please let us know by May 15 if you want one.


2. Memorial Day Wine Tasting: We will be holding our annual wine tasting event with Empty Nest Winery on the lawn behind the Quonset on Saturday May 25, 6-8pm. As usual we'll have lots of snacks, give-aways, and limited edition wines. Tell all your friends and join us.

3. Salon: This season the salon will be open on Fridays 1-6pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm. We have a new (and easy) online scheduler--located on the salon page on our website:, or you can call the office: 563-883-8562 to make an appointment.

4. Soggy sites: With all this rain, we still have three or four soggy sites and lawns that can't handle a heavy trailer yet. If you are one of those few who still need to move (or bring in) your camper, make sure you check with me, first.

Start of Season Info 2019

April, 2019


Welcome back. We’re really happy you’re here for season 2019. We’re opening the campground for you only this Friday, April 19. We’ll open up to the public next weekend. But now, it’s time to camp. Before we do though, we have several things to share with you. Some old, some new... although all of them are important, of course :). Read on…  

First, we want to enthusiastically welcome our new seasonal site family members:

  • #S5 Carol Carlson & #S18 Mark & Denise Robinson

  • #301 Greg & Kim Bremseth & #321 Karen McIntyre & #322 Mike & Deb Lange 

  • #420 Charmaine & Brian Jans & #426 Christina & Bret Masek & #431 Mike & Colleen Zak 

Next, we’ll review a few start of the season items that are important to know:

Your Camper
Electricity. Is a major expense for the campground. We need everyone to do their part to conserve. Please don’t run your air for weeks at a time between visits. It doesn’t take long to cool your trailer down when you get here.

-Septic pipe. Your camper needs a tight seal on the septic pipe. All lines should be PVC, no septic hoses. The campground will supply all the 3” piping you need. I can help you with the fittings and equipment you need to accomplish these secure connections.

-Hoses and cords. They all need to be tied up so that we can easily trim under and around your camper. When you connect your water to your camper, flush your water lines by letting it run in your sink for awhile. That will take out any air bubbles which will help the septic system to start working again. 


-Garbage. It’s picked up only on weekends: Friday-Sunday around 9a.m. & 4p.m. If you’re here during the week (or after we pick up on Sunday afternoon), you need to get your garbage to the dumpster. There are four dumpsters in front of the two silos near the entrance. 

-Recycling. in Iowa it’s illegal to put corrugated cardboard in the landfill. If you have empty boxes to dispose of (including pizza boxes), don't put them in the garbage. Leave them along side your garbage OR next to the dumpster and we'll take care of them.

-Your canoes & kayaks. Please store your river equipment on the racks in the Lean-to, not under nor around your camper. Put them in the racks that are open.

-Golf carts. They are not recreational activities for your kids--esp on the weekends when we have a lot of additional campers. In fact, your golf cart needs to be properly insured for use at a campground. We have three rules about golf carts: (a) drive slow. (b) drive on the roads only. (c) drivers must be at least 12 years old/6th grade. 

Social info
Seasonal Directory. We updated our 2019 seasonal directory (attached) to reflect this year’s membership. Please look it over and let us know if you want to modify anything in your listing.

-WiFI. Your seasonal WiFI network is a dedicated signal just for our seasonal family. It’s faster than the standard HFCR network and it’s secured with a password: Welovehfcr19.

-HFCR Website. A new menu item, Seasonal Login, has been added to our website, This page is dedicated to our seasonal family and you need a password to access it. The page  includes three sections:

Events & Activities calendar of things happening at the campground
News & Reminders about important information we sent you via email or newsletter
Community posts & discussions in our Facebook Seasonal-only (closed) group.

The password for Seasonal Login to is the same as your wifi password: Welovehfcr19.

Facebook. A new closed group, dedicated to seasonal campers has been created on our Harvest Farm Facebook page. You can request to join anytime. You can also add other seasonal site members once you’ve been accepted. The group will be convenient for planning activities and sharing pics & info regarding all things seasonal at Harvest Farm.

Okay, that’s enough to get us started, I think. Oh, wait. We updated the “Rules to Camp by” which appears on the other side of the map that we give to campers on the weekends when they check in. You’ll probably want to check your awareness of the rules, as they apply to everyone. But it will also provide you with a map of the whole campground to put on your fridge :)

Finally, anybody who has to move in a camper or relocate one already here, please check with me first; some of the lawns are still way too soft to drive over.

We’re so grateful to have such an amazing family of seasonal site members this year. Yep, every one of you. Thanks for being so great!