June Newsletter

Hi Seasonal Family,

We're off to a great start! We're camping in full swing and we're living the dream!! We just want to touch base on a few reminders::

1. The due date for paying the balance on your seasonal site was May 15. We forgot to remind you in our Welcome to Season 2019 letter and then again in a followup email, so some of you have forgotten to pay. Per your contract, "Any rental payments not received within 30 days [of the due date] shall accrue a late fee charge of 10%" which would have been June 15. BUT, we're extending the 30 day grace period to 45 days since we forgot (twice) to remind you (we know you're busy camping). Unless you have already made arrangements with me otherwise, please pay your site balance BY Sunday, June 30th.

2. The seasonal19 wifi connection is a secure, speedy network dedicated to our seasonal family members. Please don't share the password with others outside the fam... it slows it down for everyone else.

3. We managed to snag the limited edition Empty Nest wines that ran out at the wine tasting event last weekend: Simplicity & Dragonfly Dreams. They are still limited, so once they're gone, they're gone... until next year. They're in the store now.

4. Our staff have identified many campers that had their AC running full force while you were not here. Yes, of course we know who you are; we trimmed around your camper with a frowny face. Please be mindful, resourceful, and frugal when it comes to your AC. Turn if off when you leave for the week. Please and thank you.

5. Remember, you can use the same Seasonal Wifi password (Welovehfcr19) to log into your Seasonal page on our website, There, you will find a copy of all of our correspondence & reminders to you, upcoming events at the campground, and links to the Seasonal-only Facebook page.